Advantages Of Using A Drum Screen

What is a drum screen? This is a system which is used for water pre-treatment. With the rising sea levels, deforestation of the World’s forests and depletion of water sources, fresh water availability is slowly becoming acute. Water rationing is becoming a common phenomenon. The World’s population wastes a lot of water in our daily lives. A lot of it occurs in our homes and offices. For instance after washing our utensil, the dirty water can be recycled, waste water from flushed toilets can be recycled too. The need for drum screen hire or personal drum screen systems arises. We should ask ourselves rather than water pre – treatment what are the other advantages of owning a drum screen system?

With the growing population a lot of pressure is being put on the available land. People have gone to extreme extents such as re- claiming land from sea. Water shortage has become acute too. With all these in mind space to construct a water pre-treatment systems becomes hard to find. Worry not since the drum scree system occupies low space. This makes it very applicable in the current construction industry. In addition the system has a neat structure too. Due to this fact it can be used for beautification purposes too. This makes the drum screen an essential system in water pre-treatment and a land scapping structure too.

Prices of construction raw materials have increased drastically over the years. The prices of the plots on which the building stands are also high. People nowadays are obsessed with a taste of fashion, class, beauty and status. These tastes causes extra cost to be accrued while constructing houses. Telling an already over- burdened investor or home owner to add a drum screen system may look like an insult to them. This is not the case since the system has low installation cost and raw material costs. The system is also easy to operate and maintain. A drum screen system automatically runs its self. Further this reduces the secondary costs since no person is employed to oversee it running. Though mechanical maintenance may need to be done once in a while. The system produces low noise thus a silent environment is maintained. Many people love a serene silent environment while still enjoying maximum benefits. The machine fulfills this to the letter.

A drum screen machine is designed in such a way that, it self- cleans its system while running without clogging the pipes. Further all waste residue is captured within the system. The system is fully enclosed thus waste is disposed within the system without being emptied to the environment. This goes a long way towards meeting low pollution levels which is requirement by many authorities and Municipals in the construction industry. The distance between bars can be adjusted within a range of 6 to 12 mm. This further increases the efficiency of the system. On average a drum screen system is suitable for each and every large construction engineering being undertaken.